Formula: MgSO4·7H2O
Description: White crystals; soluble in water
Specifications: MgSO4·7H2Ocontent

Analysis: (for reference only)
                Chlorides                            0.01%max
                Heavy metals (as Pb)        0.001%max
                Fe                                      0.0015%max
                As                                      0.0002%max

Uses:       Manufacture of medicine, cosmetic lotions, mineral water, ceramics, matches, explosives; in dyeing and printing, fertilizer, fire-proofing and Water-proofing fabrics, sizing paper, tanning leather, etc.

Packing:   In bags of 25/50kg net each, with plastic lining.


Formula: Ba(NO3)2
M.W.: 261.35
Description:White crystal or powder; soluble in water,poisonous.
Specifications: Ba(NO3)2content 99%min

Analysis: (for reference only)
               Moisture                                  0.10%max
               Water-insoluble                       0.05%max
               Iron (Fe)                                  0.003%max
               Fineness (powder)              220mesh

Uses:      Manufacture of barium salt, optical glass, ceramic glazes, pyrotechnics (green light), explosives, etc.

Packing: In PP woven bags of 25kg net each.


Formula: KClO3
Description: White powder
Specifications: Purity (on dry basis): 99.7%min.(Technical)
                        Fineness: 99% through 120mesh sieve.

Uses:               Chiefly used manufacture of matches,oxidizing agent, explosives, source of oxygen,
                        printing textile fabrics, dyes, paper manufacture, disinfectant.

Packing:          In iron drums with paper and plastic linings, weighing 50kgs, net each.


Formula: Fe
Chemical and physical properties:
black powder, gravity 7.86, melting point 1535℃, boiling point 3000℃, insoluble in water.

Uses: Be used at ore materials for puddling in iron-works and for powder metallurgy; be used at electric welding rod; propellant of flame cutting; reducing agent in organic chemistry composing、be printing ink carrier of duplicating macline, etc.


Formula: NaClO3
Molecular weight: 106.44
Chemical and physical properties: Achromic or white crystal. Specific gravity 2.490. melting point 255℃. Free soluble in water, soluble in alcohol、liquid ammonia、glycerine. Decomposed and generate oxygen. Oxidizability is weak in neutral solution or slight alkaline solution, but is strong oxidant in acid solution or induced oxidant and catalyst.
Deliquescence. Poison.

Uses: manufacture of nitrite and perchlorate, and be used at herbicide and oxidant.
Storage: cool, dryness, moisture proof.
Packing: Polyethylene plastic coated with iron drums of 50kg net each.


Formula: Ni(NO3)2
Chemical and physical properties:
Light green yellow powder. Deliquescence, decompose at 105~110℃. Ni(NO3)2 ·6H2O green crystal. specific gravity 2.05, welting point 56.7℃, boiling point 137℃. free soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in acetone. accessibility.
Uses: manufacture and electroplate of nichrome products, brown glaze porcelain.


Formula: C
Description: black, monocrystaline, sheet. Aggregation usually is scale-shaped. melting point 3850±50℃, boiling point 4250℃.

Uses: manufacture of high temperature crucible in smelting、lubricating agent in mechanical industry、manufacture of electrode and lead; high-grade refractory material and dope in metallurgical industry、stabilizing agent in martial industry、carbon brush in electrical industry、electrode in battery industry、catalyst in chemical fertilizer industry, etc.


Formula: SrCO3
Molecular Weight: 147.64
Grade: Technical
Description: White, tasteless and odourless powder or granular.

Specifications: POWDER GRANULAR
Purity 96%min 95%min
BaCO3 1%max 3%max
CaCO3 0.5%max 0.5% max
Moisture 0.5%max 0.5% max
Suleplate 0.4%max 0.4% max

Uses: Manufacture of Colour Television Fluorescent Screen; Red Colour Agent for Fireworks; Luster agent for Fluorescent Glass; Colour agent for ceramic, enamel glazes.

Packing: In plastic woven bag of 25 kg or 1M/T net each.


Formula: Al
Description: silver gray metal, relative molecular weight 26.98, specific gravity 2.55, melting point of Al of purity 99.5%:685℃, boiling point 2065℃, latent heat of fusion 323kj/g, reducibility, be oxidated freely, liberate heat 15.5kj/g during oxidant, ductility, oxidation film is lucid、chemical stability is good.

Uses: powder dope、printing ink、plastic color master batch、printing、clinquant、golden film、textiles.


Formula: KClO4
Description: Colourless crystal or white powder, semi oxidizing agent, soluble in water, hardly soluble in ethyl alcohol, but insoluble in ether.
Specifications: Content 99%min
Moisture 0.05%max
Insoluble matters in water 0.04%max
Chloride or chlorate 0.04%max

Uses: For manufacture of safe-matches, dynamite, fireworks. In pharmaceutical line, it can be used for antipyretic and hydragogue purposes.

Packing: In plastic lined iron drums of 50 kilos net each.


Formula: NaBF4
Molecular weight: 109.811
Technology limits: name index
outward ness white powder
solution reacting
chloride (Cl-) ≤0.05
sulphate (SO42-) ≤0.005
sodium borofluoride ≥98
iron (Fe) ≤0.01
heavy metal (Pb) ≤0.005
Chemical and physical properties:
A white or colorless crystalline; clarifying, right angled crystal in anhydrous with sharp obtuse; absolute dryness, not corrosive to glass; specific gravity at 20℃, 2.47; melting point: 384℃; freely solve in water; with sulfuric acid to decompose.

Uses: a catalyst for finishing in weaving, printing and dyeing industry; depress or of oxidation; aide melting for non-metal refining; dope; fluidizer and chemical reagent.
Storage: seal up, dryness not storage with food.
Packing: double polyethylene plastic coated with knitting sack. net weight: 50kg、40kg、25kg.

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